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Florida's Classroom - Creating a legacy - Building a dream

Performing Arts are part of a complete education…a recent report by the Arts Education Partnership found that the arts provide critical links for students to develop crucial thinking skills and motivation to achieve at higher levels. The same research suggests that students from economically disadvantaged circumstances, those needing remedial instruction, and very young children especially benefit from arts learning experiences.

The Florida Center anticipates working closely with the Leon County Schools, schools in the surrounding counties, Florida State University, Florida A&M and Tallahassee Community College. The Florida Center will develop programming which will support academic goals with learning through the arts. Educational programs will serve the needs of all — from the pre-schooler, the K-12 student, the university student, the arts practitioner, the professional educator, the devoted parent, the curious adult, as well as the enthusiastic retiree. Performing Arts Education expands the imagination and encourages students to think, question and inquire about their world – it will give many kids and adults alike, exposure to a world where their ideas matter, and where they are supported and respected by their peers.

The Florida Center for Performing Arts and Education can become "Florida's Classroom".The Center looks forward to developing these programs.

Leon, Gadsden, Jefferson and Wakulla County School Boards have all voiced support for The Florida Center after the The Florida Center Board of Directors made a presentation at each of their meetings.

How will it improve our education system?

We plan to touch students of all ages.

Volumes of academic studies clearly demonstrate the strong and direct link between exposure to the arts and improved academic performance.  Like a library, museum, or art gallery, a performing arts center can act as a center of important cultural enrichment.  From matinee performances to student-run events, the Center will act as a vital link between classroom and real-world performance arts education.

The Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts reports that students who partipate in  and study the arts:

  • Have higher SAT scores;
  • Are less likely to engage in deliquent behavious, enter juvenile court and dropout of school;
  • Are better able to complete a task from start to finish;
  • Are more resistant to peer pressure;
  • Have a higher self esteem;
  • Exhibit creativity and imagination; and
  • Are better prepared to live and work in our diverse society.

The Center will also enrich and be enriched by our exceptional university-level artists.  With a world-class film school, and nationally recognized music and performance arts colleges there will be limitless opportunities for the Center to integrate and collaborate with our Universities, our Community College and their respective performance leaders.