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Locating The Florida Center on the Johns building site is ideal. It will:

  • Anchor the Capital City Cultural Corridor which includes: The Capitol, The Challenger Center, Imax Theater, Supreme Court, Kleman Plaza, City Hall, The Museum of Florida History at the R.A. Gray Building
  • Serve as a centerpiece on Gaines Street between the new Capital Cascades Park and the new College Town development
  • Enhance an 18 hour downtown day
  • Provide perfect topography for walking from / to downtown
  • Create opportunity to view a building of architectural significance from City Hall
  • Reduce conflict with Civic Center traffic and parking
  • Maintain synergy between Civic Center and the Performing Arts Center
  • Reinforce public perception of ease of access to Performing Arts Center
  • Allow easy access to school buses and semi trucks needing to unload for performances
  • Link downtown to Gaines Street redevelopment
  • Create a strong entertainment venue, anchoring east end of Gaines Street
  • Provide opportunity to connect plazas and green spaces with activity
  • Utilize the existing 6,200 parking spaces