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The VisionBoard of Directors 


  • To grow and develop "Florida's Classroom" where citizens, organizations, and educational institutions present, learn, and enjoy activities related to arts, culture, history, education, state government, local governments, community development, and community events.
  • To offer comprehensive arts education and community outreach programs.
  • To present a broad spectrum of the world's finest performing artists to meet the diverse cultural needs of Florida.
  • To provide economic catalyst for Leon County and surrounding areas, the stimulation of an 18-hour downtown day, the revitalization of Downtown Tallahassee and the anchoring of the Gaines Street redevelopment corridor, supporting efforts to increase travel and tourism for Florida's Capital.
  • To provide a quality home for local, regional and state cultural organizations.
  • To bring visiting artists to the Florida State Capital to entertain, educate and develop new audiences.
  • To develop revenue sources to enhance and support activities of the Florida Center for Performing Arts and Education.