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MEMBER LIST (As of 1-14-20)



Wendy and Lester Abberger
Ken Abele
Les Akers
Ruth Ruggles Akers
Parwez Alam
Carol E. Allen
Leslie and Tom Allen
Susan J. Allen and Mark S. Pelt
Tracy E. Allen
John and Willa Almlof
Jim and Cheri Apthorp ~ in honor of Cindy Boyd Thomas
Waldie A. Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Frank Andrews
Joanna Angelos and Don Erickson
Akerman Senterfitt
A. M. W. A. T. M.
Kathy R. Archibald
Jeanie and Ken Armstrong
Arnold Design & Construction
Honorable and Mrs. Claude B. Arrington
Brian and Valerie Arsenault
Assembled Storage Solutions / Russell J. Backes
The Atwell Family
DuBose Ausley
Sallie M. Ausley
Carol E. Avery
Barry P. and Patricia K. Bagley
Sally H. Bailey
Scott Bakotic
Wayne Bakotic
Brian Ballard
Kathryn Ballard
Bruce Ballister and Christine Chiricos
Tim and Sue Banks
Jeff Barbacci
Charlie and Connie Barnes
Richard and Martha Barnett
Stan Barnes
Anne Barron
Elizabeth Barron
Rebecca Barron
Tom and Jane Barron
Bateman Harden PA
Schiller and Julie Bazan
Wallace H. Beall
Evie and Stanton Beazley
Mrs. Jon S. Beazley
Bruce A. Bechard
Mary K. Bedford
Beggs Funeral Home
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Beggs
Behavior Management Consultants, Inc.
John and Kathy Bell
C. Stuart and Laslie Bevis
Ann Bidlingmaier
Adam and Jennifer Blalock ~ in memory of Harry Hiers Blalock
The Block Family of Tallahassee, Florida; Atlanta, Georgia; and Miami, Florida
The Honorable and Mrs. Robert T. Benton II
Lo and Peggy Bielby
Ed Blissard
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Boeneke
Dr. Fred H. Boska
Jay and Nancy Bostwick
Mr. and Mrs. Arron L. Boyette
Bob Hill Builder, Inc.
Carmen E. Braswell
Flecia Braswell
Fletcher Braswell
Jackie B. Braswell
Judith E. Brett & James A. DeHaven
Carolyn Bridger
Dave Bright
Laura E. Brock
C. David Brown
Joanne Wadsworth Brown
Matt and Bev Brown
Jack and Tanny Buford
Lewis Buford
Dean and Martha Bunch
Miriam Burns
Will Butler
Sterling Bryant
Ray and Kathy Bye
CA, Inc. Matching Gifts Program
Dominic and Debbie Calabro
Mikal Caldwell
A. Glen Campbell
Gail and Jody Campbell
Michael and Amy Campbell
Joseph L. Camps, Jr., M.D.
Ms. Heather Callaway
Sheriff Larry and Machelle Campbell
Canopy Roads Photography LLC – Andrew Siskind
Edward and Lisa Canup
Capital City Bank Group Foundation
Capital City Services Company
Art Carlson
Carol and Tiffany Carr
Carroll and Company, CPAs
Consulting Engineering Associates, Inc.
Frederick Carroll III
Mary Carroll
Tony and Allison Carvajal
Richard Case
Kathryn Karrh Cashin
Ken Cashin
Amy, Tim and Hayden Center
David and Diane Chapman
Jack and Cora Ann Chapman
Jane Hudson Chichetti
Van Champion - Childers Construction Company
Richard Chichetti
Raoul and Linda Clarke
Dr. Trish Clements
Wayne and Brenda Clotfelter
Teresa Coates ~ in memory of A. D. and Louise Coates
Terry and Linda Cole
Suzanne C. Colledge
W. H. and A. B. Coloney
Drs. Carla Connors and Timothy Hoekman
Charles and Paula Cook
Finley and Kathy Cook
Johnnie B. Cook
S. Lamont Cook
Bethany and Christopher Corum
Damien Michele Cote
James B. and Marie E. Cowart
Laura Cox
David Craig
Bobby Cresap, Architect
C. R. Bard Foundation
Jim and Theresa Croteau
Cuneo Creative
Carrol and Mildred Dadisman
Sarah Ann Dailey
John Dailey
Jim and Kathy Dahl
Talbot D’Alemberte
Leitner B. Daleen & Teresa R. Reaver / Reaver Enterprises
Charles Darnell, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. C. F. Davenport
George and Allison Davis
James C. and Rochelle Davis
Preston and Georgia Davis
Georgia L. Davis ~ in memory of Peter R. Murphy
Georgia L. Davis ~ in memory of Bobbie M. Weatherly
J. Allison and Terry Defoor
Susan Deasy
Gloria Deison
Robert and Peyton Deison
Mark Demont
Ed DePuy
Bryan M. Desloge
Andrea and Chris Diamantis
Sue Dick
Jack and Alice Diestelhorst
Tolga and Holly Dincman
DiSalvo’s Craftsman Cabinets, Inc.
Walter C. Dobson, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Donohue
Clinnie Donnelly
Frank and Jodee Dorsey
Patrick E. and Kecia K. Dorsey
Dale W. Doss
Kelly S. Dozier
Everitt and Julie Drew
Margaret Lynn Duggar and Associates, Inc.
Margaret Lynn and Tommy Duggar
Bonnie Dunkle
Davisson and Clarissa Dunlap
Earl Bacon Agency
Timothy and Carol Edmond
Lori A. Elliott
Colin and Phyllis English
George M. English
Erin Ennis
Roxanne Erickson
Helen W. Escobar
Steve and Linda Evans
Evolution Media ~ Jason Kalinoski
Alia Faraj-Johnson
Fast Signs
Marjorie and Bob Feagin
Cam Fentriss ~ in honor of Capitol Ark – Adoption Rescue Kennels
Kathy Fezler
Douglas L. Fisher
Nanette G. Fisher
Heather R. Fleming
Florida Power & Light Company
C. David Fonvielle
Kathy Forman
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy Fortunas
Charley and Joan Fowinkle
Fowler White Boggs, P. A.
Dr. Marguerite J. Foxon
Benjamin C. Frey
Jean S. Frey
Stephen and Nichole Frey
Beverly Frick
Laurie Friend
Donna Babb Frinks
Marshall Frinks ~ in memory of Kathleen Babb
Christine J. Fuhrman
Dr. D. M. Gabrielle
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Gammon ~ in memory of Debra A. Ray
Gannett Foundation
Louis and Courtenay Garcia
Maxine Gaskins
Debbie Gibson
Carol Gilley
Andrew D. Gillum
Erin Glover
Ruth W. Godfrey
Goodwood Museum and Gardens, Inc.
Greenberg Traurig, P. A.
Julz Graham
Lois D. Griffin
David and Elizabeth Gwynn ~ in memory of Ryals E. Lee, Sr., and James Clifton Gwynn, Jr.
Hackney Nursery Company
Mr. Chuck Hall
Brooke and Paul Hallock
Jacob Hallock
Shems Hamilton – PhotoGraphique
Randy and Jerri Lynn Hanna
Mr. and Mrs. T. Michael Harrell
John J. and Sharon P. Harris
Drs. Michael and Cynthia Harris
Carol Gregg Hart
Michael and Sharon Hartman
Lawrence (Chip) Hartung
David and Nancy Harvey
Carole A. Hayes
Judy B. Healy
Earlette Head
Marc J. and Kathryn S. Hebda
Helios Educational Foundation Matching Gift Program
Jeff and Joan Herig
John and Cathie Herndon
Dalisha Herring
Sue Norris Herring
April Salter
Mark and Nancy C. Hillis
Christina J. Hinkle
Courtney J. Hinkle
Daniel M. Hinkle
Dottie and Jon Hinkle
Janet Hinkle
Cliff and Lee Hinkle
Alex and Jane Hinson
H. M. Williams Properties, LTD
Elizabeth Hirst
Duncan Hoehn
Wendy Hollady ~ in memory of Austin Hollady and in honor of Becky Hollady
G. Edison and Elizabeth B. Holland
Dr. C. Jack and Charlotte E. Holland
Mr. Joseph and Dr. Susanne Homant
Bruce J. and Sandra C. Host
Winston Howell
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Howse
Huffman Associates Architecture
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph R. Hughes
Mr. and Mrs. Jim Hunt
Eleanor Mitchell Hunter
John and LaDonna Hutchinson
John K. Humphress
Sue A. Humphress
Jeri K. Hunter
Imagine ~ Kenya Washington
Susan K. and Andrew B. Innes
In Tents Events
Janis M. Inzer
Lauren Inzer
Robert B. Inzer
Dean Izzo
Lila A. Jaber
Chris and Melanie Jensen
Richard Joel ~ in memory of Edith S. Joel
John Gandy Events
David and Christina Johnson
Hal and Kelly Overstreet Johnson
Ivan and Marsey Johnson
Melissa K. Joiner
Caroline and Bill Jones ~ in honor of Calvin, Matt and Derek Jones
Frank L. and Shirley Jones
Mimi Jones
Josh and Georgia Jordan
Mary Carol Kaney
Keefe, Anchors, Gordon and Moyle Law
Chris and Tisha Keller
Ken Kato and Nan Nagy
Ronald A. Kanen
Debby Kearney
Rick Kearney
John S. and James L. Knight Foundation
Ray and Patsy Kickliter
Katherine Kile
Kelly Kirby
Thomas and Shirley Kirwin
Craig Knox
Dean and Lina Knox
Dr. and Mrs. Nelson H. Kraeft
Mr. and Mrs. H. Frederick Kreimer
Jeff Krizner
Penny B. Lacayo
David and Debra Lachter
Gordon and JoAnn LaMaster
Matthew Lata
Raoul A. Lavin and Greg Burke
Alfred Lawson, Jr.
Bradley and Emmie Ledsinger
Donna Legare and Jody Walthall
Leon County Democratic Party
Bradford R. Lewis
Ellen P. Lewis
Drs. Henry and Marisa Lewis
John R. Lewis
Morgan B. Lewis
Debbie Lightsey
Mr. and Mrs. Blucher Lines
Dr. and Mrs. Peter E. Loeb
Jesse Lovano-Kerr
Nora Loyd
Bill and Kay Luger
Patty and Kevin McAlpine
Ann Bannerman McFarlain
Jane A. McFarlain
Dr. and Mrs. John T. Mackay
Anne Mackenzie
Clifford and Mary Madsen
In Memory of: Norman D. Madsen, Sr.
Darlene Malaney
William F. and Lea S. Manifold
Altha Manning
John and Jane Marks
Marpan Management, Inc.
Marpan Supply Company, Inc.
Jim and Henree Martin
Patricia Yancey Martin
Valencia Matthews, Ph.D.
Bill and Lori Mattice
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce May
Mr. and Mrs. Emory Mayfield
Robert and Wanda Mayer
Fred L. McCord
Jennifer and Chris McDermott
Ann Bannerman McFarlain
Jane A. McFarlain
Yvonne E. McIntosh, Ph.D.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Guy McKenzie, Jr.
Sally E. McRorie
Frank and Midge Mercer
Mike Vasilinda Productions, Inc.
Pete and Emily Millett
Charles Milsted
Chuck and Patty Mitchell
Mitchell Bros. Asphalt
Eddie and Roberta Mitchell
Paul Mitchell
Modern Mailers, Inc.
Guy William Molnar
William Henry Moncrief
John Mongerson
Victoria Montanaro
Bill and Emily Montford
James H. and Oneida C. Monroe
James H Monroe Jr.
Neil and Margaret Mooney
William L. Moor, Jr.
Carol H. Moore
Dr. & Mrs. Charles Moore
Duncan and Mary Ann Moore
Guy and Ann Moore
Sam H. Moorer, Jr., M. D. ~ in memory of Malcolm Johnson
Jon Moyle - JCM Management, LLC
Mark T. Mustian
Ms. Carmen Nelson
Gayle Nelson
Terry C. Nelson
Robert and Janet Newburgh
Newgrass Generation ~representing Tallahassee Symphony Youth Orchestras
Virginia Newman
Loretta and Leigh Norgren Foundation
John Newton and Eva McElvy
Michael and Laurinda Norris
Bill and Dianna Norwood
Jerome and Joanna Novey
David and Anne O’Bryan ~ in memory of Patty Hill Smith
Mark and Angela O’Bryant
Sylvia C. Ochs
Onyx Creative Group, Inc.
Rick Oppenheim and Stefanie Graves
Marsha Orr and Tim Harley
Glen and Ellen Osborn
Edna G. Owens
Al Pasini
John Dozier and Martha Paradeis
Jean and Robert Parker
Mr. and Mrs. J. Michael Pate
Mary Pat Peacock
Ann Smith Peipers
Ann Smith Peipers ~ in memory of David Harald Peipers
Brian Peschl
Hunter Peschl
Megan Peschl
Suzanne Peschl
Jeff G. Peters, Esquire
Joyce M. Peters
Kevin and Katherine Peters
Richard N. Peters
Casey and Canita Peterson
Larry Peterson
Nancy and Jimmy Petrandis
Pettit Family Community Fund ~ Brooks and Almena Pettit
John H. and Kelly Ann Pettit
Dr. Gaylen Phillips and Dr. Karin Brewster
Colin and Anne Phipps
Sean Pittman, Esquire
Jackie Pons
Mr. and Mrs. Randy Pople
Gary Lee Printy
Helen D. Proctor
Maureen C. Proctor
Mr. and Mrs. H. Palmer Proctor
Rebecca B. Proctor
Stewart and Cissy Proctor
Production Support Group, Inc.
Progress Energy Service Company, LLC ~ Paul Lewis
Richard L. Puckett
Purple Martin Nurseries
Larry and Cindy Pyburn
Hank Madsen ~ Rapid Press
Jill S. Quadagno, Ph.D.
Penny Ralston and Chester Davis
Peggy J. Ramsey
R. B. Oppenheim Associates
David and Regan Rancourt
Mr. and Dr. Andrew Reiss
Curtis and Nina Richardson
Robert and Anna Riedel
Riley Palmer Construction Company, Inc.
Jim Roberson
Stuart Riordan
C. Patrick Roberts
David Roberts and Lori Danello Roberts
Robin Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Rockwood
Dr. and Mrs. Raleigh W. Rollins
Rabbi Warren Jack Romberg
Peter Rosen and John Byrne
Mark and Sally Rosser
Lanue B. Ryan
Ron Sachs Communications, Inc.
Ron Sachs and Gay Webster-Sachs
Dr. Sanford Safron and Dr. Penny Gilmer
Greg and Amanda Sauer ~ in honor of Tallahassee Youth Orchestras
Jane G. Sauls
Paul and Jonette Sawyer
Susan Schilligo
Drs. David and Winnie Schmeling
John Clay Sechrest III ~ in memory of Patty Dixon Sechrest
Steve and Jeana Seibert
Lawrence and Cathy Sellars
Seminole Sitters, LLC
Shane’s Rib Shack
Sharon Davis School of Dance, Inc.
Frances M. Shaw
Sherman’s Refinishing Inc.
Michael H. and Judy Sheridan
Mr. and Mrs. Charles C. Shields, Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. William P. Simmons
Karen and Frank Skilling
Debra Solomon
Sir Speedy
Marty and Angie Sipple
Michael and Marty Sittig
Sperry and Associates ~ Tony Benton
Kristen Skagiel and the late Hilmar S. Skagfield, Consul General
Stephen Marc Slepin
Carey and Fanne Smith
Jay and Brianne Smith
Jeff and Natalie Smith
Jim and Carole Smith
Mills Smith
Patty Hill Smith
Patricia Louise Smith
Paula P. Smith
Robert H. Smith
Virginia S. Smith
Warren H. Smith
William G. Smith, Jr.
William G. Smith III
William “Skip” and Sharon Cook Smith
Rob and Ashley Sniffen
Lynn and Sam Solomon
Mary E. Solomon Interiors
Ron Spencer
Mr. and Mrs. Troy Spencer
Todd Sperry
Jim and Pam Spooner
Doug and Pat St. Angelo
Mildred Stephenfield
Gary and Barbara Stilwell
Alva T. Stone
Gary and Joan Stout
Susan and Charles Stratton
Mr. and Mrs. Jesse F. Suber
Al and Loyce Sulkes
Paul Sullivan
Neddy and DeWitt Sumners
Lisa Tait
TALCOR Commercial Real Estate Services, Inc.
Tallahassee Democrat
Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare
Tallahassee Symphony Orchestra
Target Copy ~ Tracey Cohen
Mark Tarmey ~ 4 M Design Group, P. A. Architects
Larry and Debbie Taylor
T. C. McGuire Production Services
Cliff Thaell and Georjean Machulis ~ in honor of Jessica Helen Machulis Thaell
André and Portia Thomas
Dale A. Thompson
Susan Strauss Thompson
Glenda L. Thornton
Phillip Y. “Tip” Tomberlin, Jr.
Bill and Linda Townsend
Tri Eagle Sales
Charles and Cynthia Tunnicliff
Phillip Tunnicliff
Dr. Ralph V. Turner
Susan Payne Turner
Michelle Ubben
Uhlfelder and Associates, Inc.
Ken Van Assemderp
Steven J. and Mary K. Vancore
Margaret Van Every and Robert Branson
Alli VanLandingham
Susan G. Vanleuven
J. Lee Vause
Lori O. Vezina
Mary Visconti
David Vincent, AIA
Alison R. Voorhees
James B. Wadsworth, Jr.
Walsh Consulting & Electrical Services, LLC
Tresann Walsh
Dr. and Mrs. James Walton
Nicholas Warren
Suzanne T. Watkins
David Watson
Bernard and Lisa Waxman
Sally A. Weatherford
Tony and Tanya Weaver
Michael Webb
Cynthia F. Webster
Jamie Weitz
The Wellness Center by Dr. Mignon
Karen Wendland and Vincent Dix
Virginia Bass Wetherell
Bill and Ruth Wharton
Rodger, Debra, Jennifer and Chris at White’s Plumbing, Inc.
Sylvia W. White ~ in honor of Terri and Tim
Mark P. Whitley
Shannon C. Whitley
Le Whitney
Teresa Beazley Widmer
Dr. Jack Widrich Family Foundation
Ben and Suzanne Wilkinson
Patricia P. Willard
Representative Alan Williams
Jan and Ash Williams
Kim B. Williams
Mayda Williams
Williams Communications, Inc.
Lee and Kathy Willis
Cindy and Woody Wise
Wood + Partners Inc.
Betsy Wood
Dr. Larry Wood
Jack and Gail Wray
Young Actor’s Theatre, Inc. ~ Tina Williams
Rhonda Wilson
Gil D. Ziffer and Gail Stansberry-Ziffer
Zimmerman Agency Public Relations
Jonathan Zolin
Zussy Interiors

*(Performing Arts Center Team)

Will Abberger
Mary Abbott
Ed Acuff
Karl David and Michelle Lamar Acuff
Steve Adams, Capital City Shakespeare
Victoria & Branden Adams
Fred Addonizio
Sanford Afron
Maria Jimena Segovia Agrilera
Bob Akers
Lisa Dawn Akers
Ryan Akers
Akin and Elvira Akinyemi
Jen Albaugh ~ in honor of Paula Smith
Grace Albritton
Gail Alexander
Gary Allen
Caroline Amy
Abigail Argersinger
Ann M. Basset and Jamie Paul ~ in honor of Mary Margaret Mehler
Martha Asbury and Elizabeth Miles
Christine Allen
Alpha Xi
Anthony Andreala
Jeanie Martin Armstrong
Ken Armstrong
Betty and Phil Ashler
Alan and Nancy Asker
Rodney Atherton
Scott Atherton
Randi and Sam Atwood
Loranne Ausley
Kelly Averett
Nicholas A. Bader
Dexter Baker
Lynn P. Baker ~ in honor of Paula P. Smith
William L. Baker ~ in honor of Paula P. Smith
Lynn Ball
Katie Ballard
Maddie Ballard
Robin Ballard
Sarah Clark Ballard
Sara Barber
Tammie I. Barfield and Tom Harrington
Pearce Barrett
Erin Hope Barker
Jack Barr
Dr. Lois Bartelme
Andrew Bascom
Robert L. Bass
Ruth S. Bass
Trish Bassett
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Baxter
Luce Bean
Louann Bearss LLC
Otis Jimmie Beck
Fred T. Beckham
Bill Bess
Jon S. Beazley III
Robert W. Beazley
Mary Bedford
Bruce and Lytha Belrose
Bonnie Benge
Ashley Bennett
Judy Bishop
Nancy Bivens
Kathleen Brennan
Jeffrey Burlew
Jason Beyer
Bruce Bickley
Karen Bickley
Marian Biwer
Anne Black
Don & Judy Blancett
Carrie Blanchard
Gloria Boisvert
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Boland
Darren Danté Bonner
Effie R. Boone
Gavin Boone
Diana Borbin
Jan Bordelon
Kensy Boulware
Peter Boulware
Eileen Bourassa
Donald Bourassa
Ken Bowman
Shannon Boyle
Diane Boyle-Jones
Bailey Bradner
Bryan Bradner
Malinda Bradner
Peggy L. Brady
Erika Branchcomb
Allison Brainard ~ in honor of Mitchell Bader
Tom Brandt
Melissa Brewer
Frank Broen
James Brown
Led Brown
Marina Brown
Sherwood Brown
Robbie Brunger
Queen Bruton
Brian Bryson
Mary Bryson
Caroline Brewster ~ in honor of James and Mildred Brewster
Janet Fletcher Bridges
William and Shelley Brimacombe
Tom and Linda Brinkley
Edward Alan Brock
Park Broome
Erich Brough
Amanda Lee Brown
Cheryl and Sam Bruce
Robbie Brunger
Chris and Paula Bryant
Joe Bufkin
Allen Burbey
Charlene Rose Burke
Kim Burkett
Cassandra Burnhan and Robert Grear
Richard Burton Bush
Claudia Holland Burton
John Fletcher Butler
K. Cain
Irvin Callahan
Robin Callahan
Donna G. Callaway
Brian and Alison Campbell
Christopher Campbell
Richard, Brandi and Marc Campbell
Capital Regional Medical Center
Norine Cardea
Terri Carden
Rosalie Carlin
Christopher Carnes
Jeff and Edith Carnley
Jennifer Carrer
Lisa K. Cashulette
Marshall Cassady, Jr.
Richard Cassady
Colleen M. Castille
Lisa Chadwick
Elizabeth Chambers
Roger Champion
Cynthia R. Chapman
Jane Chapman
Judson Chapman
Tonya Chavis
Gregory J. A. Chelius
James and Cassandra Chester
Abigail Beazley Chilldon
Anne E. Chilldon
Matt and Melissa Christensen
Jaylen Christie
Roberta Christie
Jay Cicone
Walter Ciliberto
Amy Claridge
Ronald J. and Erica Rayner Clark ~ in honor of Eric Lewis Rayner
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Clarke
Raoul Clarke
Claire Clements
Meredith L. Clements
Art Cleveland
Heide Clifton
Jennifer Clinard
Sonya Cloninger ~ in honor of J. R. (Bob) Cloninger
Coach Estates, Inc. - Pace Allen
Hillari C. Cobb
Lee Cohee
Tracey and Jeremy Cohen
Maria Z. Cola
Anne Coldiron, Ph.D.
Steve Coleman
Billie Collier
Parker Collins
Walt and Mary Beth Colon
Larry Coltharp
Carla Connors
June Connors
Caroline Conway
T. Casey Cook
Miriam Coles
Travis Cone
Suzanne Conrader
Sue Conte and Gary Sherman
Audrey Copeland
Jack Cory
David and Deborah Coury
G. Daniel Covey
Valerie and Mitch Covington
Louise H. Craig
Col. (Ret.) Michael Cramer
Carolyn Cramer
Thomas Crapps
Betsy Crawford
Robert Critchlow
Ellen Culpepper
Al Cuneo
Alex and Vicki Cureton
John Curry
David K. Custis
Joan L. Custis
John Evans and Virginia C. Dailey
John Thomas Dailey
Joseph and Barbara D’Annunzio
Daniel D'Arcangelis
Jewell C. Dart ~ in honor of William C. Dart
Charlene Daugette
Linda D. Davey
Bonnie Davis
Brittany Davis
Carolyn Davis
Connie G. Davis
Dwight and Ann Davis
Erik Davis
Georgia L. Davis ~ in memory of Grace G. Albrecth
James H. and Melody H. Davis
Kayden Davis
Linda Davis
Mercedes Davis
Will Davis
Dr. W. Shuford Davis
Nena Daws
James W. Dean
Keith Dean
Allison Defoor
Dr. and Mrs. Larry and Jo Deeb
Caitlin Dejong
John DeLoach
Brittany Lee Denmark
Christopher Michael Denmark
Gary P. and Barbara Denmark
Ginny Densmore
Mr. & Mrs Tom Derzypolski
Design and More Interiors
Sharon Devore
Allen Dewolf
Marc Dick
Eddie Dickey, Jr.
Elnora Dickey
Daniel Dieth
April and Ryan Dietz
Ruth Dillard
Janet Dilling
Eric Dillner
Duane Dilworth
Virginia Dix
Jack and Nancy Dobson
Charles Dodson
Pam Doffek
Avon and Louie Doll
Eliza Healy Dopira
Terrance & Roshanda Dorsey
JoAnne Claire Doss
Stephany Doss
Diane Doster
Frank Douglas
Dana Dowling
Paul Downing
Christopher W. Downs
Kristin Dozier
Dr. and Mrs. David W. Draper
Jodi B. Downs
Mimi Drew
Paul and MaryAnn Dritchman
Dacia Drury
Denise Drury
Hector Dueno
Chris Duncan
John Dunn, D. C. and Barbara McNeal
Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Durr
Mike and Janice Eakin
Tony Eaks
Mary Earnhart
Alison Earnshaw
Lacey Ednoff ~ in honor of John Ednoff
Kymberlee Edwards-Chan
Judy Egan
John and Ellen Ehrenhard
Lee W. Elgin, Jr., M. D. ~ in honor of Barbara Y. Elgin
Darla and David Elkins
Mark Elliott
William Elliott
Ryan Ellison
D. C. Enfinger III
Lesli Engel
Debra English
Grady Enlow and June Dollar
Paul and Glenda Erickson
Gordon Erlebacher
Judy Etemadi
Jeff Evans
Rosemary Evans
Leah Evanson
The Eyman Family
D. G. Fagen
Tony and Suzanne Sponner Faulk
Marlene Falmlen
FAMU – FSU College of Engineering
FASTSIGNS ~ in memory of Mary Lee Eagen
FASTSIGNS ~ in honor of Zimmerman Agency
Bill Ferguson
Jennifer Fernandez
Asha Fields Brewer
Laura Figo
Janet Findling
Dr. Dennis Fiorini
Valerie Fitzpatrick
Bert and Denise Fletcher
H. Max Fletcher, Sr. ~ in memory of Kathryn McFarlin Fletcher
Olivia Florea
Carlisle Floyd
Allison K. Fogt
David R. Foley
Kelly and Alex Folmar
Barbara Ford, M. Mus.
Call Ford
Molitor Ford
Mr. and Mrs. Mott Ford
Proctor Ford
Roy Forman
Drs. Michael and Jana Forsthoefel
Joe Foster
Elizabeth Fowler
Bill Francis
Cheryl Frazier
John Frazier
Pam Fredrick
Hayden Rhys Frey
FSU University Relations
Mildred L. Fryman
Daniel Fuchs
Larry Fuchs
Daniel L. Fulmer
Holli Fulmer
Heather Fuselier
Robby Fuselier
Susan Gale
Anna D. Gallagher
Susan Garcia-Solis
Mark and Sara Gargiulo
Patricia Garner
Cristie Garrett
Gail F. Garrett
Beverly Garrett
Amity Gay
Dana Comfort Gay
Rylie Joyce Gay
Hester and John Gehrm
Amy Geiger
Elizabeth George
Erasmo G. Gerato
Kendall Anne Gibson
Sarah Gilbert
David Gilchrist
Bruce Gillander
Gail Gilman
Ellen Girvin
Marie Girvin
Rose Glee
Blanche Gordon
Steve Gordon
Sharon Gordon-Girvin
Kenny Givens
Owen and Chrys Goodwyne
Dr. Dave and Hayley B. Gowan
Tom Graham
Kelly Graves
Arlg Gray
Eddie & Libby Gray
Estella V. Gray
Kim Gray
Mary Anne Gray
Ben Graybar
Dot Jean Green
Mary Frances Green
Patricia Greene
Emelie M. Griffin
John Griffin, Jr.
Patricia Griffin
Hazel Griner
Nancy Gisson
Lorie Grooms
Joline Groot
Russell and Susie Grosvenor
Dave Groves
Kathy Guilday
Tonja Guilford
Gulf State Community Bank
Janell Gushlaw
David Gussak
Laurie LoRe Gussak
Laurie Grubbs
GVA Advantis
Bill Haley
Lisa Hall
Mike Haman
Mitch Hamlen
MaryAnn Hancock
Molly F. Hanerty
Gary and Dee Hansen
Scott and Meegan Hanson
Angela Y. Hardiman-Cole
Kimberly K. Harding
Claudette Harrell
John and Sharon Harris
Frank E. and Nancy F. Harrison
Jennifer Harrison
Eric E. Hartwell
Eddie Hatch
Mary J. and Charles Harvey
Sallie Hasemeier
Jeff Hayes ~ in memory of Leroy and Agnes Hayes
Hillary Haythorn
Julia Brooke Haythorn
Patrick Healy
Amanda Heidecker
James Heinis
Stella Ingrid Rose Heintz
Tracey Hellgren
Bev Henderson
Stephen Henderson
Carolyn Henne
Debra Herman
Patricia Herrington
Danny and Linda Hill
Phil Hill
Richard Hilliard
Christine Hodges
Jennifer Smith Hoesing
Ginger Hoffman
Rebecca J. Hogg
Dr. Liz Holifield
Patricia Holliday
Elizabeth Holm
Robert H. and Suzanne Hollar
Amanda Hollett
Hotel Duval
Kathy and Bill Horn
Edward W. Horan
Glenn Hoskew
Kerry Howell
Winston Howell
Yvonne Howell
Valerie Hubbard
Daryl and Cinday Huffman
Shannon F. Hughes
Kathryn Hurlston
Amanda M. Humphress
Laura Ann Humphress
Patrick E. Hurley
Tyler Huston
Jo Iliff
Nancy Ingram
B.A. Irye-MacDonald
Raymond Isham
Eboni Aya Jackson
Mr. and Mrs. Greg and Alexzina Jackson
Pat Jackson
Terri Jackson
Ennis Jacobs
Leon Jacobs
Steve Jacobsen
Meredith Jagger
Darcey Jameson
Jan Jarrett ~ in memory of Jack and Lois Eichinger
Dukaherson Jean
Shamika T. Jenkins
Betty Jensen
Chris Jensen
Emory and Dorothy Johnson
Ivan Johnson
Joe and Cindy Johnson
Michele Johnson
Patricia L. Johnson, Ph.D.
Robin Johnston
Stefanie Johnston
Anne Wrenn Jones
Bobby and Alicia Jones
Charles S. Jones
Derek Jones
Kiffani Jones
Ray Jones
Alan Kagan
L.Louise Kahn
Dubravko Kakarigi
Kristie Kaplan
Kaye Kendrick
Cynthia Kimble
Deanis King
Matt Kirchharr
Jennifer Klama
Katrina Klaproth
Freddy Kaye
Lettie Keen
Deb Keller
Kim Keller
Jean Kellog
J. Eugene Kelley, Jr.
Claire Kelly
Andrew and Michele Keltner
Brooke and Arthur Kennerly
David V. Kerns
Roger and Diane Kesling
Jerry and Neva Kidd
Kidd Group
Paula E. Kiger
Jeanne Kimball
Barbara King
Ellen King
Dr. and Mrs. Todd King
Patti Kinsey
Byrson and Elizabeth Kirk
Srinivasa Kishore
Edward Knowles
Paul Knowles
Anne M. Knox
David Konuch
Jimmy Kontos and Ashley Townsend
Diana Kochersperger
Betty Ann Korzenny
Sarah Kosturko
ie Kraft
John Kraft
Dr. Nelson and Bobbie Kraeft
Stacy Kramer
Dan Krassner
Kenneth Kronholz, D. Mus.
Lenny Krzychi
Dr. Larry Kubiak
Elizabeth Langgle
Daniel Lake
Susan Laseman
John A. Lauder III
Wilma B. Lauder
Scott and Rachel Lawley
Barbara and Joel Lay
Kelly Layman
Leadership Florida
Jim Ledbetter
Margaret Lee
Mary Myeong A. Lee
Noreen LeGare
Currie Leggoe
Marian Lentz
Dr. Richard Leonard
Cassandra Lettenberger
Daniel Lettenberger
Mark Aaron Levine
Andrew T. Lewis
Emily A. Lewis
Mason T. Lewis
Terry Lewis
Debbie Lightsey
Mary Ann Lindley
Marc Lingle
Tina Lipford
Lauren Lipton
Dorrece Lisenby
Jonathan Livingston
Steve Lohbeck
Katryl Louweneer
Edie Lovingood
Kasey Loingood
Jessie Lovano-Kerr
Mary Jane Lovel
Frances C. Lowe
George, Emily and Malcolm Luke
Portia Lundy
Kelly Lutz
Christina Lynch
Chelsey Lynn
Dr. Susan Lynn
Dan MacDonald
Nick Maddox
B. C. and C. B. Mac Farlane
C. J. Macfarlane
Delores Madison
Nystrand Magee
John and Barbara Mahoney
Ruben Malan
Mr. and Mrs. Don Manausa
Ralph and Sue Mancuso
Leonia Mareseh
MarketDone ~ Deanna Mims
Lydia Markley
Jeanie Martin-Armstrong
Micheal Mascagni
Nelson Matabhik
Nancy Mattimore
Hananel Mavity
Mosisah Mavity
John Maxwell
Liss Maxwell
Emory L. and Autumn B. Mayfield
Pat Maykuth, Ph.D.
Blan McBride
Harry McCall
Lori McCall
Harriette Martin McCarter
Austin McCord
Fred L. McCord & Flecia Braswell ~ in memory of Patty Hill Smith
Fred McCord, Jr.
Joy McCord
Kim McDougal
Judi McDowell
Jessica McGrew
Lee and Bonnie McHugh
Donna McKenzie
Katrina McLendon
Saundra Mc Faddon ~ in honor of Saundra Thomas
Arnold McKay
Meredith and Elsa McKinney
Julianna Mclendon
Diane McMichael
Colleen McQuone
John Medina
Sheila Meehan & Eric Draper
Gabriela Mendizabal
Karen Mercer
Pat Meredith
Merrill Lynch and Company Foundation, Inc.
Nancy Messer
Dan Mikell
Erynn Millard
Drew and Cindy Miller
Rick and Cindy Miller
Nancy Caire Miller
Hayne Miller
Lindsay Miller
Mary Call Miller
Mr. and Mrs. Rollins Miller
Rollins Miller
Bill and Joanne Milford
S. G. Mills
Kaitlin and Wanda Mitchell
Paul Mitchell
Laura Mock
Mike Mock and Naomi Rose-Mock
Meg Moneyham
Charles and Lynn Moore
Jacob A. Money
Andrew Moore
Mary Moore
Scott, Nicole and Ayden Moore
Dr. and Mrs. Bert Morales
Janet Morgan
Christopher and Laure Mulrooney
Timothy Myers
Troy Najour
Monica Nash
Trish Neely
Dan Nelson
Terry C. Nelson, Jr.
Todd A. Nelson
Matthew C. Newbury
Barbara Newell
Emma Elizabeth Newton
William Trent Morehead Newton, Jr.
Will and Karla Newton
Judy Nicholas Etemadi
Diane Nichols
Lee Nichols
Lisa Nichols
Randy Nicklaus
Jo-Anna Nieves
June Noel
Christy Noftz
Jordan Nowlin
Bobbi Nute
Frances Katherine Ochs
George Elliott Ochs
Dr. and Mrs. George C. Ochs
Peter Okonkwo
Oghenekome U. Onokpise
Mr. & Mrs. Mike O'Farrell
Dr. Lynn Bunch O’Neill
Rick Oppenheim and Stefanie Graves
Robert Ori in memory of Rebecca Wilson Armstrong
Anneliese Oppenheim
Kim Ortloff
Perry Osborn
Virginia Osborn
Chris Oscar
Audra Oven
Edna Owens
Susan C. Owens
Amanda Padgett
Irene Padavic
Don Parks
Callie Parramore
Michelle Parramore
Christine H. Parrish
Michael M. Parrish
Debi Paschal
Al Pasini
Joan Patterson
Beth Paul
John Paul
Andrew F. and Elizabeth T. Payer
Barbara Peacock
Brianna Peacock
Brittany Peacock
Courtney B. Peacock
Sonny Peacock
Ruel L. Peacock, Jr.
Krystyn Pecora
Christopher Pennell
Steve Pennington
Cheryl Pepper
Virginia and Earle Perkins
Lauren Perman
Beth Perrine
Charles and Lisa Perry
David Roswell Perry
Jeffrey Cady Perry
Olivia Louise Perry
Denise Personett
Nancy J. Peters
Sandy Peters
JuDee Pettijohn
Ellen Peyton
Carol D. Phillips-Johnson
William Phillips and John Robey
Amy Piland
Vanessa Pinto
Kevin Plunkett
Richard Polangin
Kaki Pope
Audrey Post
Mitch Potter
Kaity Power
TJ Preston
Woody Price
Betty and Julian Proctor
Clay Proctor
Mr. and Mrs. Collins Proctor
Collins Proctor, Jr.
Holland Proctor
Mr. and Mrs. Palmer Proctor, Jr.
Palmer Proctor III
Sarah Brevard Proctor
William Proctor
Louise Putney
John Quarrier
Glenn S. Quintanilla
Melanie Quinton
Robert B. Rackleff
Laura A. Rand
Howard Randolph
Wilhelmina Randtke
David B. Ramsay
Don and Patsy Rapp
Rosemary Raussch
Lorie Ray
Richard H. and Dorothy Rasmussen
Chris and Jen Reece
Syrheda Reed-Leo
Craig Reeder
Jamie Reddings
Terence Reisman
Nancy Repplinger
Amy and Steven Reznik
Dave and Marla Rheel
Keisha Rice
Barry Richard and Allison Tant Richard
Dorothy Richter
Randall Richter
Deshea Finn Rimes
Joseph Riopel
Ann Ryals
Susanne and Don Reynolds
Kent Robbins
Keith Roberts
Sandy Roberts
Timothy Roberts
Glenn Robertson
Kelly Robertson
Marylee Robertson
Carey and Michelle Robinson
Brian Rode
Alicia Romance
Eileen Rose-Thomas
Dr. Gloria Rotan
Anne Rowe
Skip Rowley
Maxine Ruggles
Phillip Ruggles
Jennifer Rupert
Lise Ryder
Claudia Sachs
Dr. Ron and Tere Saff
Rebecca Sager
Christie Sain
Sakurai and Engstrom Family
Darin Saley
Salter ~ Mitchell
Gary and Ruth Sams
Sassy Sue’s
Rick and Amelia Savage
W. Paul Sawyer
Julianne Schmidt
Lisa Scoles
Karol Selvaggio
Betty Serow
Tony Shah
Ann Shahawy
Karusa Sharpe
Jennifer and Alan Shelby
Sandra Schmid
Fred Schmidt
Linda Schmidt
Annella K. Schomburger
Ronald J. Schomburger
Loran and Liane Schrader
Dr. & Mrs. J. Brian Sheedy
Richard Shelfer
Violetta Shekinah
Mrs. Carol Sheppard
Pastor Jeanette Sherrill
Gene Sherron
Brett Shields
David Shoemaker
Susan Shoemaker
Catherine Shoultz
Zack Schroepfer
Julie Sherman
Petra Shuff ~ in memory of Mr. and Mrs. John W. Shuff, Jr.
Alan Joseph and Dr. Alexandra Penn Sim
Michael A. Simmons, Jr.
Dr. Bud Simpson
Carol R. Simpson
David and Deborah Simpson
Jennifer Simpson
Will Simpson
Dr. William G. Simpson
Sean Singleton
Enrika Sissle
Andrew Siskind – Canopy Roads Photography, LLC
Enrika Sissle
Dot Skofronick
Dwight Slater
Alex Smith
Betty L. Smith
Bill Smith
Bonnie and Harvey Smith
Christian David Smith
Clara Jane Smith
Emily T. Smith
Mr. and Mrs. Donald H. Smith
Fran W. Smith
Harbert Smith
Jan Smith
Kathleen and David Smith
Kathleen Eloise Smith
Margaret (Bebe) H. Smith
Murray Smith
Nevins Smith
Dr. and Mrs. Orson Smith
Rebecca Brady Smith
Jan Soto
Elfie Stamm
Mary Stipanovich
Naomi Stott
Richard Street
Dr. and Mrs. Stuart C. Smith
Suzanne Marie Smith
Rooine Sodossi
Jeannie Sole
Matt Solomon
Ed and Patricia Spooner
Joseph Spooner and Emily Bell
Larry Spalding
Judi and Bill Spann
Sebastian Speer
Shanna Speer
Mary W. Spooner
Lisa Sprague
Carol Sprin
Phillip Spurgeon
Shawn Stack ~ in honor of James Arron Moffat
Jamie and Kerry Stafford
Erica Staehling
Patricia Stanley
Mandy Lou Stark ~ in honor of Jon A. Stark
Stam Stathis
E. Brian Staub
Betty J. Steffens
Mildred Stephenfield
Elizabeth Stephanz
Martha Stewart
Jim Stidham
Adam Straubinger
Allison E. Stribling
Michael Stiles
Janice Stralow
Marci J. Stringer
Hilda Strom
Larry Strom
Alan Strowd & Carla Schmidt
Jane Stroud
Adelaide M. Suber
Karl L. Suber
Pat Suber
Samantha Sugerman
Zack Sugerman
Julia M. Sullivan
Timothy and Donna Sullivan
Ken Sukhia
Susan and Chris Swick
Sean Tabor
Ms. Eva Tacot
Dr. Jesse and Merry Beth Taintor ~ in honor of Walter Merial Greff and Dr. Charles Wilson Taintor
Marilyn Tait
Tallahassee Brass Quintet Press
Joanne Taylor
Kathleen and Bud Taylor
Kristin Taylor
Suzan Taylor
Beth Thielen
The Party Line
Alphonso Thomas
Andre Thomas
Rex Thomas
Allen Thompson
Holly M. Thompson
Joanna Thompson
Susan Thurmond
Claire Timm
Diane Pulignano Toole
Giles Toole
Michelle Touney
Hal G. and Susan Busch Transou
Sophia Transou
Robert and Vivienne Treharne
David and Francoise Tripp
Valerie Trujillo
Charles F. Tunnicliff
Carol Turner
Eleanor Turner
Carl and Mercedes Updyke
Manuel Utset
John Vakarietis
Colette Vallee
Katharyn Van Petten
Jed Varnedoe
Frances Vereb
Patricia Vest
Christina Villaverde
Bailey Vochatzer
Jenna Vonsee
Dana Ashley Walker ~ in memory of Pearl Walker
Mr. and Mrs. Doug Walker
Julie Walker
Shanna Walker
Hunter Walsh
Nikki Walsh
Paula Warmath
Shelbi Warner
Annette Washington
Dr. Arthur C. Washington
Ben and Joy Watkins
Jane Watson
Julie Watson
Bill Webb
W. S. and Gayle Webb
Clint and Ashlee Weber
Vivian Weber
Website Diner, LLC
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Luther D. Wells
David Wengert
Audrey Wendland
Kristin Wendland
Gini West
Laurie West
Emily Westfall
Drew and Carol Whitaker
Cleveland White
David White
Joel B. White
Pam Whitworth
Michael Wilhoit
Andrew E. Williams
Barbara and Dennis Williams
Carol Ann Williams
Debbie Williams
Frank Williams
Henry L. Williams
Johanna Williams
Kayal Williams
Shelia L. Williams
Sue Williams
Nathan and Claire Williamson
Lloyd and Carol Willingham
Kathy J. Willis ~ in memory of Thelma Hebda
Marilynn Wills
Ann Wilson
David Wilson
Denise A. Wilson
Jordan Wilson and William Jacobs
Mark E. Wilson
Martha Wilson
Rob and Jan Wilson
Mark Wingate
Susie Winhelm
Mary Winn
Woody Wise
Nia Witherspoon
Micki Woodall
Elizabeth Woodsmall
April Woodward
Patricia L. Woerner
Jennifer D. Wolf
Michael Wong
David and Rose Marie Worley
Jeffrey L. Wright
Richard Wright
June Wright
Vicky Wright
Valerie Wulf
Janie Wulff
Ashley Wurm
Lindsay Wurm
Sandy and Mark Wurm
F. James Wylie Kelly Wynn
Charles R. Yates
Jamie and John Yeargen
Terry Jecoby Young
Gary Zirin
Wanda Zubr